Business Case Methodology

Business case writing

Business case writing is a fine art. A business case is a formal document of record that conveys to the decision maker the options and merits of a particular course of action. When approved it becomes a document of record. In all cases a business case should be clear, concise and accurate. Well-written business cases are persuasive and powerful documents.

The purpose of a Business Case is to secure approval for expenditure, and in many cases this occurs prior to the development of an agreed / detailed project scope.

Business Cases are a prime example of why our approach works well. All of our consultants have considerable expertise and experience. When our clients commission Manuka Projects to write a business case, they do so confident in the knowledge that the work will be performed by industry leaders, not junior consultants.

Put simply - experts can provide better advice with less information.

For most organisations, the business case provides a formal vehicle to select and agree an option or course of action. One or more options may then be progressed further. In many cases a business case will authorise the funds necessary to undertake more detailed planning activities leading to a second-pass approval.

Manuka Projects has a tried-and-proven 10-step process to deliver business cases as follows:

Step 1
Scope task
Step 2
Examine context
Step 3
Plan the business case
Step 4
Gather evidence
Step 5
Develop broad options
Step 6
Develop costed options
Step 7
Draft the business case
Step 8
Validate the business case
Step 9
Present to the sponsor
Step 10
Present to approving authorities