Project management

The delivery phase is the most risk prone stage in most projects. The management of these risks is the essence of good project management. Manuka Project associates have the right combination of broad technical experience, people skills and the drive needed to effectively resolve project risks before and as they eventuate. Because of their versatility, Manuka Project associates are able to work within their client’s project methodology or tailor one to meet the needs of an individual project and client.

If needed, the basic elements of the Manuka Project approach is:

  • for all project stakeholders to have detailed clarity and agreement on what is to be delivered, when, where and by whom and then how this is to be achieved and for how much;
  • to have agreement of the governance processes to be used on the project including communications and reporting, risk management and escalation, payments, dispute management, and scope of work change management and variations; and finally
  • to maintain a balance between project’s principle dimensions of time, cost and deliverables.

At all times during the delivery phase, Manuka Projects is focused on the preservation of their client’s peace of mind by the delivery of a project without surprises.